Hong Kong Hotel Charges $641 If Guest Tests Positive After Checking Out


A reader from Hong Kong sent us a note about a hotel in the city that charges guests an extra fee if they test positive during their stay or within 24 hours of checking out.

Nina Hotel Group hotels in Hong Kong demand that guests sign an acknowledgment that they are willing to pay a fee of 5,000 HKD ($641) if they test positive.

You can access Nina Hotels here.

Here’s a letter that the hotel has posted:

So, if you managed to catch the virus while staying at the hotel, they charge you a fee of HK$5,000. Ridiculous.

It is understandable if they charge a fee if you knowingly check into a hotel when positive.


Hong Kong is experiencing its first true wave of Covid-19, and the city appears to be unprepared. A large number of older citizens are vaccinated. However, it still tries to follow Mainland’s zero covid policy destined to fail. The sooner Mrs. Carrie Lam accepts this, the better it is for Hong Kong.

Many Hong Kong hotels are currently used for quarantine purposes, as the daily confirmed cases are presently over 3,000 (and many likely not recorded at all). In case of positive covid-case in most other countries, you are merely advised to quarantine at your home and avoid contacts.

The policy that this hotel tries to get its guest to accept here is likely not enforceable. Why would you need to pay a fee if you test positive after or during your stay?

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