IHG Confirmable Suite Upgrade Success: InterContinental Sydney


IHG, with its IHG One Rewards program refresh last year, introduced Milestone Rewards that we have covered in minute detail over the past 12 months.

There are two exciting award options for those that stay at full-service and luxury hotels: Annual Lounge Membership (lounge access is NOT a status benefit) and Confirmable Suite Upgrade certificates that members can use to upgrade their stays to suites.

You can access IHG One Rewards here.

Confirmable Suite Upgrade Certificates

Things to note:

1. Can be applied 14 days to 24 hours before the stay begins

2. Can be applied to a stay of a maximum of 5 nights

3. There are rate exclusions (no prepaid rates), and currently, award reservations are also not eligible (IHG has communicated that eventually, they will be)

4. You cannot apply them online but must call IHG One Rewards customer service or Ambassador Service Center

I applied one certificate for a stay at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand when these first became available and also documented the process:

IHG Confirmable Suite Upgrade Experience Case: InterContinental Paris Le Grand

My second cert was used for a stay at InterContinental London Park Lane that was rather lackluster (the suite upgrade was not good).

InterContinental Sydney Confirmable Suite Upgrade Process:

I have a four-night s up at the InterContinental Sydney in weeks and decided to ring the Ambassador Service Center very early this morning (I have the phone number saved). The process appears to be streamlined, as the phone call took less than 6 minutes.

The suite type used for these certificate upgrades is 1 KING 1 BEDROOM SUITE HARBOUR VIEW and represents roughly 13 category upgrade from the standard room type at this hotel.

The gentleman at the IHG’s end was having some issues with their system, but I noted to him that I had already received an updated confirmation, and it was ok at their end after he refreshed the screen.

Soon there was an additional email congratulating me for using an award.

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InterContinental Sydney was one of the reasons why I lost my Royal Ambassador status in the late 2010s, as I didn’t like the hotel and decided not to stay there (why would you give money to a property that you don’t like?).

I have decided to stay there at least once post renovations (it was very dated) to see how the refurbishment work has been done and if the service is any better.

The suite upgrade cert works brilliantly at this hotel, as it jumps 13 room categories from the type I booked, and I will also get lounge access due to the Annual Lounge pass.

The only Royal Ambassador benefit I am missing during this stay is the “guaranteed” 10 AM check-in (used to be 8) and the minibar credit (used to be unlimited).

The Ambassador Service Center can now much better handle the application of these certs, as the call took just 6 minutes from start to finish.

You should be able to use these upgrade certs to award reservations too, but that functionality has not been rolled out yet.

What have been your experiences, both success, and failure, when trying to apply these Confirmable Suite Upgrade certs to reservations? Please leave your comment below.

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