IHG InterContinental Ambassador Free Weekend Night Booking Link 2023 (Check Rates Before Buying)


IHG’s Ambassador program ended sending out physical membership packages a few years back, and members no longer need to hand over the Free Weekend Night certificate when they book this specific rate plan.

The InterContinental Ambassador membership usually costs $200 or 40,000 points, but there are occasional promotions for a free night award or bonus points that we cover here on LoyaltyLobby when available.

You can access IHG’s page for the Ambassador program here and book the rate plan here.

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One of the main selling points of the InterContinental Ambassador membership, in addition to the guaranteed one-category upgrade, is the Free Weekend Night that often can “pay” for the package.

You need to book two night weekend stay at an InterContinental hotel, usually Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday, using a unique “AMB Certificate” rate plan, and the SECOND night is free (the booking shows an average rate of two nights – but the second night is zeroed out at the property).

Suppose you are considering having a weekend stay at an InterContinental hotel. In that case, it probably makes sense to check how much you could save by using this plan, make the booking, and then closer to the stay, buy the Ambassador membership (you don’t need to buy it before the actual stay – valid for 12 months).

There are two ways to check the AMB Certificate rate plan. The link on IHG’s website points you here, but I have not always been able to check or book the rates using it.

We have another booking link that always has worked that you can access here. You need to make sure to select the “Ambassador Complimentary Weekend Night” rate plan.

Things To Consider:

  • When searching for the free weekend night rates, remember that they are only valid for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in the West and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the Middle East.
  • Although the certificate should only be used for standard accommodations, many hotels have loaded this rate plan for higher-category rooms and suites.
  • The online booking system gives you the price for each night separately, but the hotel will only charge for the first night. The second night is free.
  • You can book this rate even before you have purchased the Ambassador membership to lock in savings.
  • The Ambassador free weekend night rates are based on the best flexible rates and are usually cancelable until the day of arrival, although always check the rate rules.
  • If you tend to pay for suites at InterContinental hotels, you can save significantly by signing up for the Ambassador program and using the free weekend night voucher.
  • The stay will post as qualifying and with two nights even when the second night rate is zeroed out.

Rate Search For InterContinental Osaka

InterContinental Osaka has the rate plan loaded for most if not all, room/suite types.

There are other rate plans available that are cheaper, as this Ambassador rate is best flexible.

You can save significantly if you are going to pay for a suite by signing up for the Ambassador.

Saturday night is 25,000 yen more expensive than Friday and will be “free.”


If you book base-level rooms, you don’t get the second night free because the “Free Night” is based on the Best Flexible rate.

This is especially a good deal if you tend to book premium suites at any of these properties where they are available using this rate. You can easily save far more than the $200 membership fee in just one stay.

The Ambassador rate plan used to be widely available at all InterContinental hotels, but nowadays, that is not always the case. So always do your research before; nothing prevents you from booking several reservations using this rate plan in advance and then canceling the ones you don’t need.

Remember to buy the membership before your stay because otherwise, the hotel won’t waive the second night’s charge.

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