IHG Merchandise Rewards Are Back



IHG has allowed its loyalty program members to use points towards various merchandise rewards, such as Apple products and gift cards, but temporarily halted redemptions in the spring of 2020 (likely to stop money flowing out of the door).

A reader noted that this rewards option had become again available, and indeed it has. You can use your points for iPhones, various electronics, gift cards, and many other products.

You can access IHG’s page for awards here.

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You need to click the “Shopping and more” to access the third-party site that IHG has partnered with to process these orders.


Gift Cards


Redeeming any loyalty program points towards gift cards or merchandise awards is not usually the best option, but if you have no other need for them, better to use the points than allow them to expire.

Some members constantly travel for work and earn more points than they can ever use. Redeeming these for items that you would otherwise buy saves money.

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