IHG Panders Putin’s Misinformation – LoyaltyLobby


IHG sent out an email today asking for members to donate points due to an “event involving Ukraine and Russia”.

What is this event that IHG’s Senior Vice President of Global Loyalty and Partnerships, Heather Balsley, is referring to? I guess that they need to pander to the Kremlin and cannot use the word war that is banned in Russia in the Ukraine context and can get you jailed for 15 years.

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Email that IHG Sent Out:


We must call this “event” what it is in reality – a war where Russia attacked Ukraine unprovoked.

IHG’s corporate PR department employees must have been high-fiving each other when they came up with this “event” email, trying to dance around what actually is taking place.

Many international companies have done the right thing and withdrawn from Russia due to its aggression towards neighboring independent countries.

This email definitely doesn’t put Heather Balsley in a very good light. War is a war and not an “event”.

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