Indonesia: Arrival Guidelines For International Travelers


We have covered the ins and outs of Indonesia’s slowly reopening for international arrivals, then sharply restricting entry, and again relaxing them.

Indonesia again allows tourism arrivals to Bali, and Singapore Airlines has started direct flights. The country has now released a handy guide for those wishing to enter with all the requirements as of this week (mid-February).

You can access Indonesia’s page for incoming tourists here.

Our coverage of Indonesia’s reopening (from newest to the oldest):

Indonesia’s Arrival Guidelines:


Download (PDF, 3.43MB)


These guidelines are still too complicated for any real tourists to travel to Bali but are a good option for those wishing to enter Indonesia without a hotel quarantine (you can do Warm Up Vacation).

I will be back in Asia in less than two months and could revisit Bali if the entry requirements are not too onerous then.

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