Indonesia Lowers Quarantine To One Day For Jakarta & Three Nights In Bali


There has been utter confusion coming out from Indonesia lately after Bali’s governor released notes last week that visitors could arrive from select countries using Visa-on-Arrival (implemented after), and only one-night quarantine would be required (now confirmed for those arriving via Jakarta).

When it comes to Indonesia’s entry requirements, one has to rely on official government releases called “Surat Eradan,” as many local websites make official-looking infographics based on rumors and not official policies.

Even these Surat Eradan’s are quite confusing to interpret, as they are government releases, and you have to “translate” them to reality.

To make things even more complicated, Indonesia has today released two new regulations, one applying for Bali and another one for the rest of Indonesia.

Here’s what I have understood:

You have to remember that the Visa-on-Arrival is only available through Bali for 23 nationals (read more here). So for the rest of Indonesia, you need to apply for a visa in advance.

Quarantine (health monitoring) for those arriving in Jakarta is now down to one night if you are considered fully vaccinated (two jabs), but you need to arrange a visa, as visa-on-arrival is not available.

There is no quarantine for those arriving in Bali, but you need to book CHSE certified hotel for three (could be four) nights and do a second test on day 3. You are free to leave Bali on your fourth day.

Both require three PCR-RT tests:

1. Predeparture within 48 hours of departure

2. At the arrival airport

3. On the day 3 of your arrival

Recent Announcement:

Google Translations of the Circulars:

Download (PDF, 681KB)

Download (PDF, 523KB)


I wish Indonesia could make the entry requirements a bit more confusing and throw in a couple of additional PCR-RT tests and hurdles (not)!

There is zero chance that any real tourist would put up with this nonsense when other countries in Asia and elsewhere have less red tape to enter.

Indonesia must understand that tourists won’t return until it is hassle-free to enter. I guess that the country believes that floodgates will open with this relaxation, but that won’t take place. So the sooner they get the message, the better.

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