Maldives Drops PCR-RT Tests For Fully Vaccinated Visitors


The Maldives, a very popular luxury vacation destination, reopened early for incoming visitors with Covid-tests already in July 2020, and the country has been open ever since.

Now, Maldives is removing the PCR-RT test requirement from fully vaccinated visitors, no boosters required, effective March 5, 2022. There is no test when departing either.

You can access the Maldives page for tourism here.

Note that work permit holders and Maldivian citizens must do a PCR test between 3 to 5 days after arriving in the country.

Visitors that are not fully vaccinated, including children over one, are required to have a negative PCR-RT test result not performed more than 96 hours before departure to the Maldives from the first point of embarkation.

Here’s the government circular:

Download (PDF, 942KB)


This is an excellent move by the Maldivian government (I have taken THREE Covid-tests in the past four days), as nobody wants to take more administered antigen or PCR-RT tests for travel purposes. Also, no boosters are required to be considered fully vaccinated.

When traveling to this island nation, the costs of these tests is not prohibitive considering all the expenses incurred at the resorts (accommodation and F&B).

I guess that this also means that traveling between resorts no longer requires PCR-RT tests.

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