Marriott Bonvoy Flexible Point Redemptions Rolled Out March 29 – 30, 2022


Marriott has today released more information about Bonvoy Flexible Points Redemptions that will be rolled out on March 29 and 30, 2022.

Most hotels will continue to require the number of points in 2022 as their current award category allows, but 200 or so hotels may require 5,000 to 30,000 more per night. In addition, 40 hotels can require more than 100,000 points per night for up to 130,000.

You can access Marriott here.

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Points that Marriott shared with us:

  • On March 29, Flexible Point Redemptions will take effect replacing off-peak, standard, and peak rates when categories are removed. Members will see the Flexible Points Redemption rates take effect gradually over March 29 and 30. Until then, the current system remains in place.
  • Nightly redemption rates will move more closely in line with (not exactly with) hotel rates and availability, giving Members even more options to choose from than the current off-peak, standard, and peak rates. The ways Members earn points will not change – they will have more flexibility when they’re ready to redeem and explore the portfolio.
  • Members traveling to a location with more availability can expect to use fewer points. If the desired location is busier at the preferred dates, the point redemption amount may be higher.
  • For all stays in 2022, nearly all hotel redemption rates will fall within the same high low range of the current categories.
  • For a small group of hotels, approximately 200 hotels or less than 3% of our portfolio, the point redemption rate bounds will be higher than they are currently. Within that group, about 40 hotels may rise above the bounds of the previous Category Eight during peak/busier travel times. This process aligns with our annual assessment of hotel redemption rates for the last time.
  • For those 200 properties, their rate range will increase between 5,000 to 30,000 points per night from their current bounds. Please open the attachment to view the list of 200 hotels.
  • For stays in 2023, we are focusing on ensuring even our most aspirational properties offer a mix of great rates during the year. Changes in rates for stays in 2023 above or below the high low range for stays in 2022 are planned to be incremental.
  • In addition to announcing the date for Flexible Point Redemptions, we are also alerting you that by the end of April, members will be able to combine their Free Night Award with up to 15,000 points to help access more hotels.
  • Members can reserve a redemption stay by booking now and the flexible cancellation policy will allow them to modify their reservation if they find a lower rate in the future.

I clarified two points with Marriott’s spokesperson:

The category 8 peak currently is 100,000 points per night and under your max increase per the release below 130,000.

What is the maximum number of points required for a standard room, as defined currently, for a night at the Ritz-Carlton Maldives in 2023?

Can you give an estimate of the absolute lowest and highest point rates? The press release refers to an “incremental” change over 2022 max (130K after this change).

Spokesperson’s Reply:

Later this year, we will update redemption rates for stays in 2023. We are planning for those rates to at times to be incrementally higher/lower compared to rates for stays in 2022.

Our goal is to give members a great mix of rates throughout the year even among aspirational properties.

Because Flexible Point Redemption rates for 2023 stays won’t be loaded until later this year, it would be premature to assess other than what we are planning for which are incremental increases or decreases compared to rates for stays in 2022.

“Incrementally” higher or lower is very ambiguous, and it is unclear if we are talking maximum nightly award rates of 150,000 or 200,000 (or higher)?

We also wanted to get clarification for points to miles conversions:

Are there upcoming changes to points to miles conversions with airlines? If there will be, is Marriott committed to giving proper advance notice?

Spokesperson’s Reply:

We have nothing new to announce.

I would have preferred that Marriott had committed to giving advance notice of possible points to miles conversion changes, as they recently discontinued Travel Packages without any (read more here).

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Current Award Charts:

Marriott Bonvoy awards are partially dynamic already, considering that a hotel in each category has SIX different point requirements depending on OFF-PEAKSTANDARD, and PEAK combined with Saver and Standard. You can book using the award chart below until March 28, 2022, even for 2023.

What Happens To Points Conversions?

Hotels Exceeding Their Award Category Maximums In 2022:

List As PDF:

Download (PDF, 164KB)


This may not be as bad devaluation, at first, as I had feared on the absolute worst-case scenario had Marriott moved to entirely dynamic awards valuing points perhaps around half of a cent each.

The most sought-after hotels will only double in the number of points required for free night awards, in the case of Le Meridien Maldives, and 30% higher max at the Ritz-Carlton Maldives.

Marriott could not provide us with the maximum number of points that a hotel may require come 2023, while they are assessing these changes later this year. This would have helped determine the extent of changes come 2023.

Also, this may not kill the program only on the higher end but on the bread and butter properties where people redeem their points currently at 30K to 40K per night. What if these are suddenly in the 50K to 60K range in 2023?

The award category maximum has worked for those who used their points around the holidays while earning the points on business stays. This is now being decimated.

There can be award deals on business properties that see very few redemptions overall.

It is interesting to see what these properties require come 2023.

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