Peruvian Government Works to Improve Airports in Northern Peru –


Peruvian Government Works to Improve Airports in Northern Peru

Aeropuertos del Perú (AdP), a concessionaire of 12 airports in Peru, announced the beginning of works at Piura airport and revealed the work progress at the Chiclayo airport.

AdP signed the contract for the Technical File preparation of the project ” Capitán FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico Airport’s Passenger Terminal Construction and Aircraft Platform Expansion”. This project will cost to the Peruvian Government around $36 million investment.

In a press release, AdP’s CEO, Evans Avendaño, pointed out that “the technical file for this investment will contemplate the detailed engineering of the passenger terminal expansion with the aim of being able to increase the passengers flow, the aircraft capacity attention during peak hours, as well as improving service levels for users in general and strengthening airport security standards, within the current Concession areas”.

“This will contribute to improving Piura’s connectivity for the entire Region, by promoting tourism, trade, and business,” he concluded.

These improvements will allow Piura to host between 18 and 20 daily flights, mobilizing around one and a half million people a year. The studies also include the Environmental Management Instrument elaboration, which establishes the recommendations and mitigation measures to address the environmental impacts that may originate in the execution of the work.

This infrastructure expansion will increase passenger capacity and the number of air operations, which will increase the commercial flow in this area of ​​the country, as well as the number of national and international tourists. It is important to remember that Piura’s airport currently has 2.5 kilometers long by 45 meters wide runway and a parking platform for aircraft measuring 140 meters by 80 meters for 2 PEA – Class C aircraft.

The works to improve the José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzales International Airport’s runway system and perimeter fence have been advancing positively. In a press release, the Peruvian government indicated that these works will benefit 700,000 people. These will favor passengers, merchants, operators, and other people who use the airport’s infrastructure.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), through the concessionaire Aeropuertos del Perú (AdP), has invested more than $43 million so far in the works. The objective is to expand and improve the airport’s operational capacity, with high-quality service standards, which will allow connectivity and decentralization promotion of air transport in Peru. Among the works in the execution stage is the runway’s reconstruction along its 112,500 square meters.

In addition to this, the aircraft parking platform is being rebuilt in an approximate area of ​​18,668 square meters. Likewise, the rehabilitation and expansion of the perimeter fence with a length of 8,513 meters are being carried out. Added to this, more than 96 thousand square meters of taxiways are being improved, as well as the drainage and sewage system, the lighting aid system, provisional signage, and definitive signage in the Peruvian Air Force area.

The work contributes to the Peruvian economy promotion since its execution has meant the generation of 600 direct jobs and 2,400 indirect jobs. Currently, the accumulated progress of this work is at 38%.

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