Reader Email: Marriott Bonvoy Consumed Nights 2022 Discrepancy?


A reader of ours sent us an email about their accounts discrepancy regarding consumed nights, and I have seen other similar reports in the past 24 hours, including our Sebastian.

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You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Readers Promo Tracker:

It shows 22 promotional nights earned during the offer that just ended.

Their account, however, shows only 21 nights? The reader wonders what is going on again.


There has been something weird with Marriott over the past 24 hours. Some members have had consumed nights disappear, including Sebastian and another friend of mine. I have also seen similar reports online.

And where do we stand with the lifetime years that some members believe are missing from their accounts?

It is regrettable that it is an utter mess with Marriott, ever since the Marriott & SPG program members get nights, spend, and bonuses correctly credited to member accounts.

I genuinely hope that they can get this all fixed eventually.

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