Reader Question: American Airlines / World of Hyatt Reciprocal Credits Not Posting?


Today we received a Reader Question concerned the reciprocal credits between American Airlines & World of Hyatt which reportedly haven’t been showing up for many customers.

Members of American Airlines AAdvantage and World of Hyatt earn 1 point/miles for each US$ of revenue spend at the opposite outlet as part of a double-dipping partnership provided the accounts are linked.

World of Hyatt elite members will earn one point per USD charged on American Airlines marketed and operated flights while AAdvantage elite members will earn one miles per USD charged for Hyatt stays.

You can link your accounts here.

This is how it works:

Apparently, for the last couple of weeks, there haven’t been any credits posted to American Airlines following transactions at Hyatt properties.

Or reader Helena writes:

I haven’t received any American Airlines miles following my Hyatt stays for more than a month now. Previously it took roughly a week until the equivalent of my money spent with either partner has been credited with the other. Since January 15 I spent roughly $6k with Hyatt and would like to get my American AAdvantage miles to book my award flight to Asia that costs 70,000 miles.

If these Hyatt/AA partnership points remain M.I.A. I might have to transfer some miles from Marriott or buy them directly from AAdvantage. Any idea what’s going on?

This email caught me by surprise. I never paid detailed attention to the credits my Hyatt stays generate over at AA because my spend is so minimal that it makes almost no difference.

I did have a couple stays since early January as well and I decided to have a look at my own account.

Indeed, the last credit that hit my account was in mid-January as well and since then I had a couple more stays/transactions with Hyatt:

Not sure what to make of this. If the link between Hyatt and AAdvantage broken that would prevent a proper transmission of the relevant data?

Here are my Hyatt transactions for January:

The stay at Grand Hyatt Erawan Jan 12-14 was properly credited to AAdvantage. Since then nothing, all of the follow-up transactions are missing.

  • 2 Night stay at Grand Hyatt Bangkok
  • Dining spend at Penthouse Grill Park Hyatt Bangkok
  • Dining spend at You&Mee Grand Hyatt Bangkok

As I mentioned I never really looked at these transactions in detail before as they don’t amount to much but that doesn’t mean that these points should be credited properly as promised. Other people who have more significant spending with AA/Hyatt should earn thousands of points and it’s not an unreasonable expectation that these are showing up timely.

I have forwarded this to both American Airlines and Hyatt but haven’t heard back from either yet.


There seems to be a disconnect between Hyatt and American Airlines as far as the credits for the reciprocal spend partnership are concerned. A reader reported that since mid-January no credits have been posted to American AAdvantage and I have verified that on my own account as well.

In case anyone is also missing transactions (I can’t imagine there only being a few accounts affected by this) then the best is probably to open a case with both AA & Hyatt to follow up on the matter and list your transactions in detail.

I can see this ending up being a case where one is blaming the other and the customer being caught in the middle without any influence on the outcome.

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