Remember To Spend Your Complimentary GHA Discovery Dollars By May 7, 2022


Global Hotel Alliance’s (GHA) Discovery program sent out an invitation for Platinum and Titanium members to earn some free Discovery Dollars (D$) for merely being a part of the new program.

Platinum members got D$50 and Titanium ones D$100 each if they didn’t have existing Local Experience Awards converted to D$ (read more here). These dollars have now been deposited into accounts.

You can access GHA Discovery here.

The Discovery dollars are in your account:

And you must use the promotional ones by May 7:

There is a promotion that everyone should also sign up (perhaps more D$):

GHA Discovery Million D$ Giveaway January 14 – March 31, 2022


I am glad that these D$ were deposited to accounts, but I did not receive a separate email about it other than remember to use yours.

Let’s see how easy these are to use when checking out at one of the participating properties and what exchange rate they may try to use.

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