Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Has Started To Extend Expiring Member Tiers For Another Year Through 2022/2023


Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer had previously announced that they would extend loyalty status once again for members whose tier is going to expire in the coming months, starting with March and the first batch has just been processed.

This is the third year that KrisFlyer is extending tier levels on a goodwill basis as air travel is still down and Singapore has just started to reopen and ease requirements, allowing Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport to reclaim their position as a prime hub carrier/airport.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is one of the few programs that doesn’t run by calendar year but a floating membership year depending on the month of enrollment.

The reader has now received an email from Singapore Airlines about the KrisFlyer Gold membership extension:

Quite a few if not most programs have previously extended their status on a complimentary basis but Singapore Airlines is one of the very few that goes with yet another round of extensions well into 2023 and beyond.

The membership card which can be retrieved through the mobile app has also been updated:


Singapore Airlines will extend memberships that are expiring as late as February 2023 for an additional year, so as far as into February 2024 which is pretty amazing if you consider the timeline.

This is how they will process it:

This account has its registered address outside Singapore and the membership expiry of the KrisFlyer Gold Status is now reflected as March 2023.

Members might want to check their email around the time of their annual review/renewal date as they will most likely have received their own extension email from KrisFlyer.

In January, John wrote about these extension policies that were announced by Singapore Airlines early on rather than drizzling them out drop by drop like in previous years:

Singapore Airlines Extends KrisFlyer Tiers & Miles Expiry In 2022


This is going to take care of most SIA Elite members’ needs for the coming 12-18 months at which point we’ll hopefully be in a better spot.


This will definitely help our reader and other members over the next year as airlines will finally start flying and borders open again at some point.

Kudos to Singapore Airlines for extending the status yet again so that those who travel may have a chance to properly requalify for their tier compared to starting from zero. At some point, the extensions have to stop though as airlines just like hotels can’t continue to give freebies without limits.

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