Singapore Removes All Remaining Entry Restrictions From Fully Vaccinated Visitors From April 26, 2022


Singapore significantly relaxes its COVID measures from April 26, 2022, also affecting those wishing to travel to the city.

International fully vaccinated visitors are no longer required to have a predeparture Covid-test. The country already removed all other restrictions on April 1 (read more here).

You can access Singapore’s page for Safe Travel here.

The country will also remove most mask usage rules, and the Trace Together and SafeEntry apps must only be used in large events of more than 500 participants, nights clubs, and restaurants & bars.


Singapore No Longer Stamps Passports

International visitors must fill out the electonic arrival card before departure to Singapore, and passports are no longer stamped.


Singapore expediently launched a Vaccinated Traveler framework last year that allowed visitors to enter the city-state by following a set of rules. The number of participating countries grew significantly, and entry restrictions gradually relaxed and are now entirely removed for those who are fully vaccinated.

Singapore has always been an open “port” and welcomes visitors visa-free from most countries, which is also essential to the national airline’s success.

I experienced transiting through Singapore twice last year; that wasn’t quite the experience I had gotten used to previously. Before flying to Barcelona, I will spend the first weekend of June in Singapore, part of my current Asia tour. I am glad that I am no longer required to have a test to enter (I have been vaccinated + boosted and have already had Covid twice).

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