Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane Updates


Singapore launched Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) in August 2021, which allows select nationals to enter a city/state with less red tape.

Eligible travelers need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP), and there have been several changes to requirements and validity since the introduction.

You can access Singapore’s page for SafeTravel here.

Here are the updates:

A VTP is valid for 13 calendar days from the traveller’s chosen date of entry. Travellers not travelling during this date range can apply for a VTP later. (e.g. a traveller holding a VTP (Air) for entry into Singapore on 1 March 2022 may enter Singapore on a designated VTL (Air) flights any day from 1 – 14 March 2022 (inclusive)). The traveller should reapply for a VTP if he is unable to enter during this period.

Previously, the VTP was valid for 6 days from the chosen entry date. Now it is 13.

Travellers holding existing approvals under non-VTL lanes will need to separately apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass and fulfil VTL requirements to be eligible for quarantine-free measures. A non-VTL approval cannot be used to travel under the VTL.

Previously, non-VTL lane approved travelers could change their entry to VTL, but now they need to reapply.

Singapore Transit Experiences:

Singapore Transit Experience

Singapore Airlines Business & First Class Transit Passenger Lounge “Premium Waiting Area”


I have been closely following changes to the VTL and VTP requirements, as I intend to enter Singapore sometime this May. Perhaps the conditions are further relaxed or entirely removed by then.

My two transit experiences through Singapore to/from Thailand were less than stellar.

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