Singapore Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) Requirement Changes March 1, 2022


Singapore has had a Vaccinated Travel Lane in place with a limited number of countries since 2021, and there have been several extensions and changes to the program since its inception.

Singapore announced the most recent changes to the VTL on February 16, 2022 (read more here)  and made some change last week (read more here). Singapore has again altered Vaccinated Travel Pass requirements as of March 1.

You can access Singapore’s page for Safetravel here.

Update On March 1, 2022:

Eligible Wok Permit Holders now required Vaccinated Travel Pass and perhaps a Covid-19 insurance policy.

Previous February 26:

And February 16:


Singapore continues to tweak its entry requirements for various groups, while allowing eligible travelers from Israel and the Philippines to enter from Thursday.

I follow these changes closely, because I will likely enter SIngapore at the end of May, as I have a fight to Europe from the city on May 31st, and I plan to spend few nights there before.

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