Singapore Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) Requirement Changes


Singapore has had a Vaccinated Travel Lane in place with a limited number of countries since 2021, and there have been several extensions and changes to the program since its inception.

Singapore announced the most recent changes to the VTL on February 16, 2022 (read more here) that it has now modified without additional disclosure beyond updating its website. This past week, the country also opened a Sea Bubble with Indonesia’s Batam and Bintan (read more here).

You can access Indonesia’s page for Safetravel here.

The changes that Singapore has now instituted affects Long-Term Pass Holders and Work Permit Holders

Here are the changes:



Long-Terms Pass Holders are now coupled with Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. There are no changes in VTP for them, though, based on this change. Eligible Work Per Holders are no longer required to apply for Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) or carry separate Covid-19 insurance (good idea to be insured).


Not sure if this was merely a website updating issue or if they backdated the policy announced last week? The website was updated on Friday regarding the Long-Term Pass and Work Permit Holders.

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