St. Regis Maldives Closes For Refurbishments & Won’t Rebook?


St. Regis Maldives has been reaching those with reservations with them this summer, telling them that the hotel is closed for June – August.

The hotel has not given any options for guests with reservations beyond offering to refund points and cash for those with prepaid bookings.

You can access St. Regis Vommuli Maldives here.

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The hotel is closed for June and July and is EXPECTED to reopen in August. Often these refurbishments don’t go to the plan, and there is always the possibility that the reopening of full reopening is delayed.

Rate Calendar:

The hotel has closed bookings for June and July but accepts bookings from August 1.

The hotel’s emails do not offer ANY suggestions for guests who may already have booked other potentially non-refundable travel, such as airline tickets and transit hotels.

What should guests do with confirmed reservations?

These reservations do not qualify for Marriott’s Ultimate Reservation Guarantee because the reservations are canceled before the stay.

They should, however, do the right thing and accommodate guests at a higher quality Marriott or other property at the same price, including breakfast for those Platinum and higher tier elite members.

There are only two comparable or higher Marriott affiliated hotels in the Maldives:



I have not been to the Ritz-Carlton yet, but I have been to the W twice. I have a reservation for St. Regis for this fall (I ended my previous stay early).

St. Regis Maldives

W Maldives

Remember to book your aspirational awards before March, when the price will double/triple/quadruple in the number of points required:


Marriott used to require hotels to make it right in situations like this, but unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The customer service and care are borderline non-existent, and hotels take advantage of this.

St. Regis Vommuli should offer affected guests assistance with rebooking to other area hotels of similar or higher quality, of which there are two affiliated with Marriott.

I really like the W Maldives, an excellent property, although they should do something with the accommodation soon to keep them up with the times. The house reef, according to others, is excellent; that is not often the case in the Maldives (bleached).

As I pointed out above, I have not yet stayed at the Ritz-Carlton but have a reservation there for late fall. There are also JW Marriott and Westin properties that should be ok, but I have no personal experience. Le Meridien is fantastic, considering the number of points it requires and the price of F&B (these tend to go hand in hand).

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