Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Reflagged As Paradox Hotel


Accor has lost one of its Singapore hotels that has become affiliated with Paradox Hotel Group.

The 476-room Swissotel Merchant Court became Paradox Merchant Court at Clarke Quay on April 1, 2022.

Kuala Lumpur, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TA Global Berhad today announced the launch of its highly anticipated Paradox collection of hotels and resorts. Paradox is a Canadian-born boutique hospitality brand inspired by the tastes and desires of the new generation of travellers. The Paradox brand is set to stand out of the traditional hospitality norms through a series of quirky, cultured and highly experiential offerings, capturing the true spirit of each city where a Paradox hotel is located.

“The hospitality sector is currently going through a key moment of transformation as technology, and social media are quickly changing the way we travel and interact with others. We recognized a shift was occurring in how people engage with each other and also with the built environment. The height of the COVID-19 pandemic was the global catalyst for a resurgence of interest in authentic human connection and a greater expectation of personalised hospitality. As an industry leader, it was an opportune moment to realign and reinvent our business proposition to meet and adapt the current needs and desires of the market,” says Joo Kim Tiah, CEO of TA Global.

He continues, “Paradox Hotel Group was born out of an extensive study of this evolution. We have always wanted to consolidate our hotels, and the time to embark on this meaningful journey is right now. Our global teams possess decades of experience and an established network of industry partners, having developed and operated numerous high-profile hotels across the world. Passionate about what we do, our team has a strong understanding of every aspect of hospitality business, from concept development to operations. We strongly believe that a distinct identity rooted in local culture is crucial for a successful hotel group. We strive to be at the vanguard of curating inspiring and exceptional experiences for our travellers, so it was imperative to not only come out with our own distinct brand, but also create something that would exceed expectations by challenging the industry status quo.”

The unique concept of Paradox will make its debut in Vancouver, Canada, with its flagship hotel, Paradox Hotel Vancouver, set to open its doors in April 2022. The brand will also be introduced in Southeast Asia, with Paradox Resort & Residences Phuket which opened in January 2022, and Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay in April 2022. Also joining the Paradox portfolio are independently branded properties Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel and Aava Hotel in Whistler. With five hotels and resorts located in distinct destinations around the world, Paradox Hotel Group provides an exciting journey of brand discovery for its international guests.

“This transition to one cohesive brand positioning will not compromise the unique heritage and distinctive personalities of each Paradox hotel, most of which have already gained global recognitions from the hospitality and travel industry. We are confident that the diversity of our Paradox hotel, resort and lifestyle-hospitality offerings will serve as an immersive gateway to culturally enriching destinations worldwide; truly exemplifying the strength and momentum behind our ambition to be recognised among the top boutique hotel brands in the coming years,” added Tiah.

As the first international hotel group to emerge from Vancouver, all Paradox destinations will proudly channel the true spirit of Canadian hospitality –manifested through thoughtful design, best-in-class facilities and guest services, and bespoke dining and gathering concepts. Curated to highlight the different characteristics of each respective location, the multifaceted experience will differ from one destination to another; celebrating the individuality and vibrant perspective each city offers.

The curious and adventurous guests seeking culture, history, shopping, and culinary rendezvous will always find a like-minded travel companion, a welcoming home away from home, and a sophisticated playground at Paradox, no matter where they are.

Sharing the brand inspiration behind Paradox, Head of Brand Experience, Lorraine Simonds depicts Paradox as playfully refined and curiously unconventional. “The name Paradox aptly embodies the duality of this new genre of lifestyle-oriented hotels we are creating – they are tasteful and well-designed while remaining approachable, witty and clever.

More importantly, Paradox holds the foundational belief in placing authentic human-to-human relationships first. We strive to demonstrate how selfless, thoughtful and everyday acts of grace can inspire, elevate and add a touch of delightfully unexpected whimsy to everyday moments, and touch the lives of everyone we meet,” she explained.

Tapping into its 20-year experience as a global hotelier and developer of some of the most exclusive properties across North America, Australia and Southeast Asia, TAG has plans to steadily expand Paradox’s international presence in the next decade, launching new boutique lifestyle hotels and resorts in taste-making destinations around the globe.

Paradox Hotels must do a lot of work to get these 476 rooms filled in Singapore without having any affiliation with a globally well-known brand and no loyalty partnership or program. So I guess that they must rely heavily on OTA and group bookings.

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