Two SLH & Hyatt Affiliated Kämp Collection Hotels Switch To Preferred


Nordic Choice bought Kämp Collection Hotels before the pandemic began (bad timing on their part), and I already pointed out back then the insanity of their hotels being affiliated with several chains.

Earlier this week, I was browsing on the Kämp Collection website (often lower prices than on branded sites). I saw that both Lilla Robers and Haven were offering 50% off rates for Sunday nights and decided to look at what they go for on Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) and Hyatt.

Hyatt and SLH have formed a partnership where select SLH affiliated hotels are also available on Hyatt’s website for both cash and points. However, the prices through Hyatt are usually higher than through other channels for SLH hotels.

I was surprised that no hotels were available for Helsinki on Hyatt’s website (I had stayed at both Lilla Roberts and Haven previously through them) and then went to SLH’s website. Nothing there either.

Klaus K, another Kämp Collection hotel, was previously affiliated with Design Hotels (I stayed there numerous times) and decided to go with the Preferred Hotels (I cannot understand why).

I went to Preferred Hotels website to find out that both Lilla Roberts and Haven were affiliated with them. So this change must have taken place from the beginning of this month.

Current Kämp Collection Affiliation:

  • Hotel Kämp (Leading Hotels of the World) – Previously Luxury Collection with SPG & Marriott
  • Hotel Lilla Roberts (Preferred Hotels) – Previously Small Luxury Hotels of the World & Hyatt
  • Hotel Haven (Preferred Hotels) – Previously Small Luxury Hotels of the World & Hyatt
  • Hotel St. George (Design Hotels – Marriott Bonvoy)
  • Hotel Fabian
  • Klaus K Hotel (Preferred Hotels) – Previously Design Hotels – Marriott Bonvoy
  • GLO Hotel Airport (GHA Discovery)
  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi (GHA Discovery)
  • GLO Hotel Art (GHA Discovery)
  • GLO Hotel Sello (GHA Discovery)

All these hotels are Nordic Choice participating, although some bonus offers don’t apply for stays at the Kämp and St. George.

Nordic Hotels (Nordic Choice):

To make matters even more complicated, Nordic Hotels also has three hotels in Helsinki that are part of Nordic Choice but not available on the Kämp Collection website:

  • Clarion Hotel Helsinki
  • Hotel F6
  • Clarion Hotel Aviopolis


I frankly don’t understand why some hotels are affiliated with Preferred Hotels, which has the worst “loyalty” program in the business that awards roughly 2% of the room rate back in points.

It is unclear to me what Nordic Hotels plan with the Kämp Collection hotels is? Their loyalty participation is now down to FOUR (LHW, GHA, Design Hotels & Preferred) + Nordic Choice. It is difficult to see how this makes any sense.

There is a Hyatt Unbound Collection hotel coming up in the city center in Helsinki.

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