Update On Disappearing Marriott Elite Nights Following Complaint To Bonvoy Customer Care


Last week members of Marriott Bonvoy suddenly noticed that some of their tier eligible nights started to disappear from their annual total count and this appears to be a widespread issue that must concern thousands if not tens of thousands of people.

We received several emails from our readers who reported this and even prior to that I noticed that a few days after my 50 Night Elite Choice suddenly three nights disappeared from my tally.

It was very obvious to me because not only do I keep detailed track of my account movements but because I had to choose the 50-night Elite Choice I specifically checked the number of nights that were in the account at the time (51 at the time I picked the 5 extra nights) and 56 after.

Two days later for some odd reason, the counter suddenly showed 53 nights. I checked with John and a few other friends and some of them also had nights missing.

We wrote this up a few days ago as readers were reporting this as well:

Reader Email: Marriott Bonvoy Consumed Nights 2022 Discrepancy?

This doesn’t make any sense. The nights accumulated are easy to reconcile and very straightforward. Marriott has been running a double night promotion until May 4th, some members received elite nights through their credit card plus the regular consumed nights on property.

I decided to email Marriott Customer Care through the webform and have them investigate.

Dear all, not sure what happened last night but when I logged in this morning I’m missing 3 qualifying nights from my annual balance (was 56 after receiving 5 nights from the Elite Choice and now suddenly it’s down to 53) as of this morning. What happened to the account?

Please reconcile my stays and bonus amount. A further 1000 points from the current promotion is also missing after the stay at the FOUR POINTS PHUKET PATONG were posted incorrectly, cancelled and corrected several times. Just like the ALOFT SEOUL MYEONGDONG stay from last month which wasn’t posted properly, then cancelled and reposted as 5 nights instead of 2+3 with incorrect points. Bottom Line: 3 nights are suddenly missing as are one night and 1000 bonus points for the promotion. Please fix it! Regards, Sebastian

Marriott replied:

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for contacting Marriott Bonvoy.

Best Regards,
Jennifer G. – Marriott Bonvoy® Customer Care

I decided to reiterate a bit further, replying to this email that I’m not the only once facing this issue.

They took a few hours and then replied back to me:

Dear Sebastian,

When I review your night credits, I see you are currently at 56. I am not sure why it’s different than what you saw previously. The 5 elite nights from the annual choice benefit are on there. …

Thank you for being a valued Titanium Elite member. I look forward to your reply.

OK, this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The app and the website both show that I dropped to 53. I’m not imagining this just like our readers and all other customers. We aren’t blind!

If Marriott sees the correct count in their internal systems and the customer has a different count on the front end then what the hell is going on?

I wrote to them once again explaining the matter:

Dear Jennifer,

When I check the app as well as the Bonvoy website I still miss three nights as the count is lower than 56, it suddenly showed 53 and that’s still the case. I could supply you with a password for my account if you would like to log in and check the discrepancy yourself.

I see you have done some correction in regards to the stay at Four Points Phuket Patong and this has brought the visual counter up to 54 nights as of right now. [Assuming you’re seeing 57 now internally on your system?]. Also, today another stay should post from the W Seattle where I stayed yesterday, bringing the total to 58 but again the issue is the display/visibility on the website and app.

Is this an IT issue that affects all/many members? Because judging by the massive amount of reports from people facing the same issue something must have gone terribly wrong, possibly with some update on the system or script that has been run over the last couple of days!?

I have attached a screenshot for your review.

For further questions, I’m here to help you out.

Best wishes,

This was just today so I’ll give them some time to review it all and get back to me but it really looks like Marriott has (once again) lost control of their IT.

We’ll keep you posted what is happening in this matter as Marriott really has to fix this.


It’s simply mind-boggling what is going on with Marriott and the IT department. Members also report that their lifetime year counter hasn’t moved an inch in the last couple of years despite requalifying for Platinum/Titanium year after year. I know mine hasn’t and my friend Kevin also showed me he is stuck at 7 years Platinum since 2019. It’s just grotesque what is going on there and Marriott refuses to do anything about it.

We don’t have a firm answer yet on how they will remedy the current issue IF they’re even trying to do anything. Jennifer from Customer Care has been great so far trying to get to the bottom of this. I can only imagine how many complaints they get at the moment. Why would their system show any different than what the customer can see? What a mess.

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