Vietnam Removes International Flight Restrictions February 15, 2022


Vietnam is removing remaining restrictions on the number of incoming flights to the country effective February 15, 2022, that were heavily curtailed in 2020 and 2021.

The country launched a tourist pilot back in late 2021 that allowed a small number of tourists to enter select destinations in the country on packaged tours. Vietnam intends to fully reopen for international tourists without the current three-day quarantine in March or April (read more here).

Here’s an excerpt from VN Express:

Vietnam will remove limits on the number of international flights coming and going from all markets starting February 15, restoring frequency to pre-pandemic levels.

Dinh Viet Son, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, said Vietnam will end restrictions on international flights starting February 15, allowing flight frequency restoration to pre-pandemic levels.

Son said other countries have acknowledged the new policy and only China has not agreed to resume commercial flights with Vietnam.


It appears that Vietnam’s plan to reopen for international arrivals without a quarantine, although with some tests, might be going to the plan, as air links are reestablished.

Let’s hope that there are no additional bumps on the road.

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