World Of Hyatt Won’t Extend February 28, 2022 Expiring Certificates?


World of Hyatt issues Club Access, Suite Upgrade, and free night certificates for members who reach a certain number of nights or hold affiliated credit cards.

These certs have variable expiry dates depending on when they were issued, and Hyatt also extended them once or twice during the pandemic.

You can access World of Hyatt here.

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World of Hyatt extended and gave bonus points for December 31, 2021, expiring certificates as we covered back then:

The Hyatt’s Twitter team offered a more significant “bonus” for expiring certificates than Globalist concierges.

My Soon Expiring Certs:

A reader was in touch with us who had tried to extend those certificates expiring in less than a week:

Response from concierge:

We are not able to extend Suite upgrade or Club access awards that expire in the future or 2/28/2022 so I am sorry that I am not able to assist you.

Response from the Twitter team:

Thank you. REMOVED, we are not extending or giving points for Suite of Club awards. As a Globalist, you automatically get access to the Club on a property and if they do not have a Club, you do get free breakfast. Also, with your status, the hotel will upgrade you to the best room available and many times that is a suite. Please reach out if you need any further assistance.

It doesn’t look like Hyatt is willing to extend these expiring certificates this time.


Hyatt was pretty much the only major hotel chain that didn’t extend member tiers by an additional year in late 2021 due to the pandemic. As a result, I am sure that they lost a significant number of members in countries, especially in Asia, that stayed closed last year. But I guess that Hyatt doesn’t care because they cannot market affiliated credit cards to them?

It would have been nice if Hyatt had the same policy for February 28 expiring certificates as they did for the December 31 ones. The Club Access certificates can come in handy for Globalists that lose their status but can then use these certs to get access to the club lounge (if they are still valid).

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